Things to Keep in Mind When You Move to UK


Even with all the recent ups and downs in politics, like Brexit, prices going up, and changing prime ministers often, the United Kingdom is still a great place to call home. People here are lucky to have good hospitals, schools that don’t cost money, and a good way of life.

But if you’re considering moving to the UK, you should know some essential things. Here are some things to keep in mind before you make the big move.

What Things You Should Consider?

Consider Can You Afford to Live There?

The UK is a pretty wealthy country. It’s ranked as the fifth most prosperous country in the world when you look at how much money it makes from everything people buy and sell (the gross domestic product or GDP). Because of this, things in the UK can cost quite a bit.

The cost of living is high in the UK at this moment. This is a result of rising costs for necessities like food, clothing, and shelter, which are mostly caused by issues like the conflict in Ukraine and a lack of electricity.

Therefore, it can be costly to live in the UK, particularly when compared to nations in central and south Asia like Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India.

However, although goods might be expensive, salaries for workers in the UK are often higher. considerably so, you should think carefully about your ability to pay for living here, particularly if you want to relocate to a location where costs are considerably higher, such as Cambridge, Winchester, or London.

Find an Affordable Energy Provider 

Finding an affordable energy provider in the UK is a hard nut to crack. You have to look for the best option that fits right for your electricity and gas needs. If you are moving with family, you are required to choose a convenient energy provider. Just saving your time, here are some of the best energy providers in the UK: 

  • E.On 
  • EDF Energy 
  • Octopus Energy 
  • British Gas 
  • Maxen Power
  • Scottish Power
  • SSE

You Might Rent for Quite Some Time in Pricey Areas

In the United Kingdom, property prices have increased dramatically over the last few decades. Consider a semi-detached, three-bedroom home in Reading. It was appraised at £110,000 in 1998. In 2017, the identical house sold for an incredible £335,000. That represents a remarkable growth of more than 204% in less than 20 years. On the other hand, the average yearly pay has only increased by 62%.

What does this entail for those wishing to purchase a home? It is getting harder and harder, particularly for younger people who haven’t saved a lot of money. You may have to rent for a while if you’re thinking about moving permanently to the UK, especially in more expensive locations like downtown London.

Many eventually decide to commute to work instead of staying in London in pursuit of more inexpensive housing choices. For this reason, communities such as Beaconsfield and Epping have come to be known as “commuter towns.” Accessible housing and being close to the city’s employment prospects are balanced.

Therefore, if you’re hoping to buy a house in the UK, don’t be shocked if you have to drive from one of these commuter towns every day.

Get the Excellent Relocation Services for Your Belongings

Are you unsure about how to transport every item your family owns to the UK? It’s significant. Depending on where you are migrating from, there are many methods for doing so. But well, what do you know? It’s not entirely up to you to handle it alone. Nope! Relocation consultants are the individuals who can assist you.

Your move to the UK might be a lot more accessible with the help of these relocation professionals. Everything will be handled by them, including helping you with the immigration papers and relocating your favorite items. They may also assist you in selecting a decent school for your child if that is a concern of yours!

Here are some top-notch relocation companies you may want to look into:

  • Crown Relocations
  • ReloAdvisor
  • Sirelo
  • The Relocator

So, whether you want them to handle everything from your old doorstep to your new one or need help shipping your things internationally, these folks have your back!

Get Your Health Insurance

When moving to the United Kingdom, one of the most important things for you and your family is to ensure you have the proper health coverage. The UK has the National Health Service (NHS), an extensive healthcare system run by the government. 

It’s accessible to people in the UK and those from some European countries who have particular cards. However, some people who move to the UK want their health insurance instead. 

This can be helpful because you can get medical help faster than waiting for the NHS. Here are a couple of companies you can look into for health insurance:

  • Allianz Care
  • Cigna Global

Make sure to check them out before you move to know your options.

You Need to Pay Taxes While Living In the UK

You heard it right! If you’re an American living in the UK, you must still do your US taxes. But don’t worry; there are rules to stop you from paying taxes twice, so you can keep some of your money to enjoy life abroad. However, doing your taxes as an expat is a bit tricky. 

It’s smart to converse with someone who knows about money before you move to the UK so you understand what to do.

If a company from America is helping you move to the UK, make sure you know whose job it is to deal with taxes – yours or the company’s?

Find a Suitable Career In the UK

Moving to the United Kingdom can be exciting! Some people who move there already have a job waiting for them. But for others, finding a job is part of the adventure. Don’t worry, though; there are lots of job options in the UK for people from other countries like you. 

Just keep in mind that some places might have more jobs available than others. 

Finding Your Cultural Folks Who Can Understand You Easily

Big cities like London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Leicester have lots of different kinds of people living there. They have the most significant celebrations for the Lunar New Year in the UK, in London, and even more important than in Asia! 

That’s because there are many people from East Asia living there. In Birmingham, more than 21% of the people come from Asia or the Middle East. But if you go to rural areas, you’ll mostly find white people who were born in the UK.

When people move to a new country, they often like to find others who are like them. It can make them feel more comfortable as they get used to their new home. In addition, they can find helpful services, like doctors who speak their language.

Finding your community can also help you with money. You might join a ROSCA with your friends, family, or coworkers. That’s a way to save and borrow money together.

Explore Various Courses to Learn Their Language

The UK is an excellent place for people from other countries to live because English is the primary language there. But if you’re going to work in the United Kingdom, it’s a good idea to get better at speaking English. 

You can take different courses to help you with everyday English or with English for work. And if you’re moving to Wales, you might want to think about learning Welsh too!

Wrapping Up!

And that’s all there is – everything you might want to know before moving to the UK. No matter where you choose to go in the UK, you’ll have an amazing experience and discover something that suits you perfectly.

Tip: To find the most suitable energy provider, visit the official sites of these providers, look for their ratings on TrustPilot and Google, and simply contact their customer support to see which one caters to you in the best manner. After all, communication is the answer to everything! 

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