The Top 5 Tools Every Mechanic Needs In Their Garage

Whether you are a home mechanic or the owner of an automotive repair business, the right tools help you get the job done well. You need quality items to help you work on today’s high-tech vehicles as well as classic cars. With so many tools to choose from, though, you might have trouble deciding what you need. Here are five important automotive tools that no garage should be without. 


Sockets attach to a socket wrench or ratchet and help you quickly loosen or tighten bolts and screws. A quality socket set is vital for doing any sort of mechanical work, whether on your automobile or your lawnmower.

There are both manual and power sockets available. The best tool for you depends on your needs, budget, and personal preferences. Locking socket extension bars make your work even easier. 


Wrenches, along with sockets, should be standard for every mechanic. For the most flexibility, get both a metric and a standard set.

An adjustable wrench is also important, as it comes in handy for bolts and nuts of unusual sizes. Wrenches are invaluable for installing and upgrading vehicle systems such as Hooker Headers assemblies. Look for wrenches made of a strong alloy, which ensures your investment will last for years. 


A hammer can be any mechanic’s best friend. There are multiple reasons you might need a hammer when working on a vehicle, including: 

  • Loosening a frozen part
  • Straightening metal
  • Driving in fragile parts

Ball peen hammers are of more use to mechanics than claw hammers, and they come in many sizes and weights. In addition, a rubber mallet also comes in handy by providing power without the rick of scratching metal parts. 

Angle Grinder

If you are doing mechanical work, you will eventually need to cut through metal. An angle grinder will help you do that more quickly and easily than a hacksaw. 

Angle grinders can cut through various thicknesses of metal as well as grind down rough surfaces. Furthermore, the wheels on this versatile tool can be changed to allow you to cut through wood and even cement. 

You must be conscious of safety when operating an angle grinder. Safety tips include:

  • Conduct a careful test to determine where the sparks will fly. 
  • Do not remove the safety guard on the angle grinder. 
  • Use the correct wheel for your cutting job, and always ensure the angle grinder is unplugged before replacing or changing the wheel. 

In addition, when using an angle grinder, wear gloves, a head covering, and safety glasses. Wear a face mask as well to protect your lungs from any fumes that result from using the tool. 

Specialty Pliers

Hose clamp pliers and circlip pliers make mechanical work easier and more efficient. Circlips are manufacturer-installed rings that hold parts together. Removing them for mechanical work can be almost impossible without circlip pliers. 

Mechanical work often involves installing hoses and assemblies such as the Holley Sniper EFI. For efficiency and ease, opt for a hose clamp wiench instead of struggling with a screwdriver. 

Mechanical work can be rewarding, but the right tools are vital. Turn to a knowledgeable online auto parts store associate for advice on parts and tools at the best prices. 

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