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When collecting toys, individual collectors tend to focus on their particular subniches. The market for collectible Bearbrick toys has expanded in recent years. Due to their unique designs and restricted availability, the figures have captured the attention of collectors worldwide. Several companies, famous people, and artists have worked together to produce highly customizable figurines. Due of its individuality, each figurine is extremely collectible.

Collectors will expand their Bearbrick collections with an increasing number of uncommon figures over time. Initially, Medicom Toy was exclusively focused on the Japanese market, even though Kubrick’s figures were popular with collectors worldwide. A bear-shaped toy based on the Kubrick design by Medicom Toy has been created.

Bearbrick is created in where?

Not only does Medicom Toy produce bear bricks, but they also make plastic figures. It specializes in licensed products and limited edition figurines. The company produces pop culture figures. The Stanley Kubrick-inspired line of toys from Medicom Toys honors the filmmaker’s body of work. Nine is represented by the Japanese word “ku” in Kubrick’s logo. The parts of a Kubrick are the head, torso, hips, hands, arms, and legs. Kubrick toys resemble anthropomorphized bears.

While plastic makes up the majority of Bearbricks, some also contain metal and wood. Plastic is the most prevalent type of plastic that Medicom Toys uses. Japan’s first Bearbrick was given away for free in Tokyo. A blue bear shape with a red “@” within belonged to a white bear. The size was 70 mm as normal. For every size after that, the system remains the same. Typically, a range of 50% to 10,000% is observed. Toys of all kinds and sizes are listed in the “OTHER” category.

Distinct Series

Different themes and partnerships are featured in every Bearbrick release series. Notable series are as follows:

Collaborations with renowned designers and artists: Includes pieces by Warhol, Basquiat, Jackson Pollock, and Van Gogh. Limited editions produced by designers like Karl Lagerfeld and Coco Chanel, as well as businesses like Karimoku and Hajime Sorayama, appeal to both art fans and toy collectors.

Medicom Originals are bearbrick designs created by Medicom Toy using their own original ideas and aesthetic sensibilities. Material, color, and pattern variations are frequent.

Licensed Characters: Medicom Toy has worked with a number of well-known figures from well-known properties, including Disney, DC Comics, Marvel superheroes, and Star Wars. Working together with these characters results in Bearbricks that fans are clamoring for.

Bearbrick Provides a Selection of Name-Brand Toys

 Supreme Bearbrick

Supreme, the well-known streetwear brand, collaborated with them to develop some of the most sought-after variants. We’ll look at Supreme’s influence on culture and appeal to collectors, including its limited edition releases and iconic red and white logo.

Bearbrick Supreme is appealing to collectors and fashion aficionados alike. Combining these two well-known companies fosters a sense of connection and belonging among fans. Due to its uniqueness and rarity, Supreme has drawn a lot of collectors.

Bearbrick Bape

Bape is a striking and avant-garde streetwear brand that is well-known for its creative designs. The brand recently worked with to produce a line of incredibly beautiful and in-demand collectibles. The bearbrick bape editions exhibit both brands’ inventiveness and innovation. Its distinctive and striking style incorporates aspects of Bape.

Bape patterns are frequently vivid and striking. This combination of striking visuals gives treasures more vitality and dynamism. One of Bape’s most recognizable designs is camouflage. Bape editions of the items frequently include this print, which lends them a militaristic feel.

Kaws  Bearbrick

Collectors have flocked to the popular stacking toy from all around the world. The Bearbrick brand is renowned for its whimsical and distinctive style. When Kaws got together, it was incredible. gained fresh insight from Kaws’ fusion of minimalism, pop culture, and street art. It gave an already legendary toy complexity and depth in a bold and lively way.

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