Best Samsung LED and TV Models in the UK

Samsung TVs provide overall performance suitable for most customers, but they can also be high priced compared to some competing manufacturers. They generally perform thoroughly, mainly if you want gaming functions. However, competition is growing, and Samsung LED TVs don’t seem to offer as great a price as they previously did. They recently entered the OLED marketplace and launched their very own QD-OLED TVs to compete with high-stop OLED fashions.

Samsung announced its new 2024 lineup at CES in early January. Samsung usually releases its first new TVs in early March, with price range models following later in the year.

Samsung S90C OLED

The Samsung S90C OLED is among the terrific Samsung TVs tested. It combines the deep inky blacks of LG Display’s OLED era with Samsung’s Quantum Dot generation, resulting in a miles broader coloration gamut and brighter glass than conventional OLED TVs made with LG Display panels. It looks tremendous in a dark room due to its nearly endless assessment ratio and perfect black uniformity, and no longer the usage of a distracting blooming around bright regions of the display. Like most excessive-cease Samsung TVs, it has a big selection of more capabilities, like VRR and 4k @ 144Hz useful resources from the new-gen consoles, or a current PC snapshots card. It’s to be had in 4 sizes: 55, 65, 77, and 83 inches, despite the reality that the 83-inch model makes use of a WOLED panel, so it seems exquisite from the smaller sizes. The model lg oled65b26la is very famous nowadays in UK.

The integrated Tizen OS interface is user-friendly and has an excellent choice of streaming apps and video games. The S90C sits simply beneath the better-tier Samsung S95C OLED. The greater pricey version is a piece brighter and supports a refreshed format that looks outstanding while wall-set up, mannered to its uniform layout and skinny bezels. The primary difference is that the S95C comes with an external Slim One Connect Box to assist in keeping your cables clutter-free. The price of the S95C is substantially better than the S90C’s, even though, except you need the field in your setup, it’s no longer worth shopping for over the S90C.

The Samsung QN90C/QN90CD QLED

The Samsung QN90C/QN90CD QLED is one of the high-quality Samsung clever TVs inside the upper mid-variety category being tested. Alongside the Samsung QN95C QLED, it’s Samsung’s flagship 4k LED TV for 2023, proposing an impressive Mini LED backlight to increase the appearance of small highlights and reduce blooming in dark scenes. It’s an excellent TV with a notable selection of features, so there is something for absolutely everyone. It’s now not as precise as Samsung’s OLEDs in a darkish room, even though there are nonetheless a few blooming around brilliant objects, and blacks aren’t flawlessly deep and inky.

On the other hand, it is a better choice for watching content in bright rooms as it has tremendous, mirrored image management and easily gets bright enough to fight glare, so visibility is not an issue even inside the brightest rooms. It would not include the Samsung QN90B QLED’s ‘Ultra Viewing Angle’ era, so its viewing angle is barely narrower, but it also doesn’t have the older version’s distracting rainbow smearing. You may want to instead move for the relatively better but more expensive QN95C. It has a slightly higher nearby dimming characteristic, gets a bit brighter, and has a 144Hz guide on all its HDMI ports, however universal, it’s now not well worth the added price over the QN90C.


The quality mid-range TV display tested is the Samsung QN85C/QN85CD QLED. It has an extensive viewing angle, which ensures that the sides of the display screen continue to be consistent if you sit down close. Its viewing angle is wider than that of the greater costly Samsung QN90C/QN90CD QLED, which is high-quality. However, the better-quit model is to be had in more sizes and does offer exceptional image quality. Still, there are no problems with the usage of the QN85C in a vibrant room since it effortlessly gets vibrant enough to combat glare and has decent mirrored image management. The TV does not have deep, inky blacks as compared to the Samsung S90C OLED; however, its comparison continues to be incredible for a less expensive mid-range TV.

It’s a top-notch TV for gaming because it helps HDMI 2.1 bandwidth on all four HDMI inputs, permitting 4k @ 120Hz alerts from a PC or console. It is compatible with every VRR technology to reduce screen tearing and has extremely low enter lag with an awesome response time for a responsive gaming level. It has no issues outputting full chroma 4:4:4 with the lowest enter lag viable, essential for clear text from a PC. It even has an RGB layout, optimal for text clarity when used as a PC monitor. This might be the candy spot for Samsung TVs regarding cost and overall performance.

Samsung Q80C QLED

If you want a better picture without breaking the financial institution, the Samsung Q80C QLED is the first-rate lower mid-variety Samsung TV tested. Stepping up from the Samsung Q60C, it is an amazing TV set, with incredible peak brightness in SDR and first-rate reflection dealing with, so it plays nicely in a vivid living vicinity. Unlike lower mid-range TVs, it also has an extensive viewing angle, making it a top-notch choice for an extensive seating association, as the image remains constant even if viewed from the side.

Unfortunately, this wider viewing angle comes at the price of comparison, so it doesn’t match the Samsung QN85C/QN85CD QLED quality in a dark room. Fortunately, like most Samsung TVs, it has tremendous gaming capabilities, and all four HDMI ports assist HDMI 2.1 bandwidth for console and PC gamers. It runs the 2023 Tizen OS interface, with a big selection of streaming apps and an easy-to-use interface.

The Mode JVC LT-65CF810 is the ideal for everyone and demand is growing day by day in the UK.

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