5 Ways to Do Free Homeschooling Online

Staring your homeschool doesn’t have to break the bank. Numerous resources allow parents to engage in free homeschooling online. But, where do you start? We’re going to look at online and offline options so you can get homeschooling straight away! 

Let’s explore five ways to do free homeschooling online, incorporating technology, innovative curricula, and the internet’s vast resources.

Internet and YouTube Learning

One fantastic way to homeschool for free online is by utilizing the vast homeschool resources available online. It’s like having the internet as your own teacher! I enjoy introducing my kids to educational storybooks and often turn to YouTube for engaging audiobooks. (I’ve even read a few on my own How to Homeschool channel If you’re wondering where to start, a great approach is to ask your kids what they’re curious about.

Once you know their interests, you can easily find videos or information on the internet to supplement their learning. Khan Academy is an excellent free resource that covers a variety of subjects, but it is quite secular. To make the online learning experience even more exciting and secure, consider using the Elephango Internet Browser.This tool, which you can easily install, not only aids your child in searching for valuable homeschooling information but also ensures a protected and educational online environment.

It’s an excellent and practical way to enhance your child’s learning journey!

Ambleside Online Curriculum

Another exciting avenue for free homeschooling is through Ambleside Online, a curriculum that follows the Charlotte Mason method. Charlotte Mason curriculums have taken the world by storm. And Amblside Online is no exception.

It’s free and even provides homeschool schedules, making planning more straightforward for you each day. What’s unique about Ambleside Online is its reliance on “Living books” to do most of the heavy lifting in terms of teaching. Living books are educational storybooks written by knowledgeable and passionate individuals. As children engage with these books, they learn, captivated by fascinating stories.

This approach strongly promotes interest-based learning. As children immerse themselves in intriguing topics, it nurtures a curiosity that evolves into a lifelong love of learning. The outcome often sees children becoming enthusiastic, self-directed learners who eventually start teaching themselves.

It’s worth noting that this emphasis on interest-driven education has contributed to the rise of homeschool entrepreneurs. These individuals, driven by a hunger for information, often find joy in creating their own businesses through continuous testing and re-testing. Ambleside Online, therefore, provides a curriculum and sparks a passion for learning and discovery.

Easy Peasy All-in-One Curriculum

Dive into the world of Easy Peasy, hailed as one of the best free online homeschool curriculum programs available today. What sets it apart is its flexibility—you can choose between online lessons or printable PDFs, catering to your preferred learning style, whether it’s digital or offline.

Easy Peasy takes a comprehensive approach by linking to various free resources online, ensuring a rich and diverse learning experience. Despite being a Christian homeschool curriculum created by a Christian homeschooling mom, it incorporates many secular homeschool resources.

One interesting note is that the creator of Easy Peasy holds a creation science perspective, adding a unique dimension to the curriculum.This inclusive approach fosters an environment where students are welcome to study science with a biblical worldview. To make the homeschooling journey even smoother, Easy Peasy offers My EP Assignments. This feature streamlines the use of lessons from Easy Peasy and simplifies record-keeping. It’s a practical tool that not only enhances the learning experience but also makes the process more manageable for parents. Easy Peasy truly lives up to its name by making homeschooling accessible and, well, easy!

Library Computers as a Learning Hub

Discover free homeschooling online options…at your local library. These have hidden treasures in the online space you may not have considered. That is, libraries offer more than just physical books; they often provide access to an extensive collection of online books that you can borrow virtually. This digital borrowing capability significantly expands the resources available for your homeschool endeavors.

By taking advantage of the online offerings, you can substantially augment the size and diversity of the materials accessible at your local library. It’s like unlocking a digital extension to the wealth of knowledge available on the library shelves. Moreover, libraries typically allow students to use their computers free of charge. While there might be a daily time limit for computer use, it’s a valuable opportunity for homeschoolers to leverage technology for learning.

This access enhances the educational experience, providing a dynamic platform for research and exploration. However, it’s essential to acknowledge a personal perspective. Some individuals may feel a sense of wariness towards libraries these days due to the woke agenda adopted in many libraries. It’s essential to be aware of potential mismatches in values, ensuring that the educational environment aligns with your family’s beliefs and values.

Despite this, libraries remain an invaluable resource for diverse learning materials and technological access.

Unschooling Methods

Unschooling stands out as a unique and unconventional approach to education, though it has faced criticism. Some people have wrongly accused unschooling parents of neglect, assuming that without a formal curriculum, parents are not actively involved in their children’s learning.

While it’s true that unschooling lacks a structured curriculum, proper unschooling is far from neglectful parenting. It’s a time-consuming and intricate method, yet the rewards can be truly remarkable. The essence of unschooling lies in observing your children, understanding their interests, and then fostering learning based on those interests.

Consider this scenario: You ask your son about his interests, and he enthusiastically responds with “dinosaurs.” In an unschooling approach, you might seek out a dinosaur homeschool curriculum tailored to his fascination. Rather than adhering to a predetermined curriculum, the child studies what genuinely captivates them. This method allows for a deeper understanding and retention of material because the child is genuinely fascinated by the content.

In this process, children not only learn about their chosen subjects but also naturally acquire skills and knowledge that are often part of a traditional curriculum. Reading, writing, and creating sentences about dinosaurs, whales, or any other topic of interest become integral parts of the learning journey.

Unschooling, therefore, becomes a holistic and personalized educational experience, fostering a love for learning that extends beyond formal subjects.


Homeschooling need not be a financial burden. Through these five accessible methods, you can provide a rich and diverse education for your child without incurring additional costs. By tapping into online resources, innovative curricula, and the vast knowledge available, you empower yourself to create a personalized and engaging learning experience. So, embark on the journey of free homeschooling and unlock the potential of your child’s education.

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Rebecca Devitt is a Christian homeschool mom of two children who lives in Australia with her gorgeous husband, Tristan. After a period in school, Rebecca’s parents started homeschooling her. She loved it so much that she now spends her precious spare time telling everyone how wonderful homeschooling can be. She runs the How to Homeschool YouTube Channel and a website called How Do I Homeschool.

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