What Do I Need To Become An Electrician?

As an electrician you can look forward to stable work, good pay and the chance to advance your career. But starting down this path needs careful planning and a strong commitment. To become a good electrician you need to do many things such as getting the proper education and training and the necessary skills and certifications. This article will discuss the most important things you must do and the requirements you must meet to work in this field.

Education And Training

It would help to have a high school diploma to become an electrician. If you want to get a job it helps to take math, science and technology classes. You can also get the necessary skills and knowledge through a formal training program like an apprenticeship or vocational school. Most of the time these programs include classroom instruction and training you do yourself.

During apprenticeships which can last four to five years you work under the watchful eye of more experienced electricians. Apprentices learn how to set up, maintain and fix electrical systems during this time. There are shorter, more focused programs at vocational schools that teach the basics of electrical work. Some schools also have programs for certain kinds of electrical work like wiring for homes or businesses.

Licensing And Certification

To become an electrician you need to get a license. Each state has its rules but you’ll need to pass an exam and meet specific demands for education and experience. Even though it is not always necessary, getting certified can show that you’re qualified and help you get a job.

Knowing about the newest rules and safety guidelines in your field is essential. Usually state or local governments are in charge of licensing and certification requirements. Electricians in some states must pass a national test while electricians in others have their tests. Besides passing the test you might also have to do a certain number of hours of training on the job or in a classroom.

Skills And Qualities

You’ll need to be able to solve problems well, pay close attention to details and be physically strong to do well as an electrician. You’ll also need to be able to talk to clients and other tradespeople clearly to do your job well. It is also essential to work well under stress and in different places. Electricians usually work at heights or in small spaces so they need to be comfortable with both. To understand how electrical systems are set up they also need to be able to read blueprints and technical diagrams.

Job Outlook And Salary

There will be a lot of work for electricians in the coming years so the job outlook is good. This is because more electrical work needs to be done in homes, businesses and factories. The average salary for electricians depends on where they work, their experience and what kind of work they do. On the other hand electricians usually make a good wage. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says an electrician’s median yearly salary is $56180. Ten percent made more than $98720 and ten percent made less than $33410.

Tools And Equipment

To do your job well as an electrician you’ll need a lot of different tools and equipment. A voltage tester, wire strippers, pliers and screwdrivers are some essential tools. You’ll also need safety gear like a hard hat, gloves and goggles. Buying good tools and keeping them in good shape are both important. Electricians use both hand and power tools like drills, saws and conduit benders. They may also use testing tools like multimeters and oscilloscopes to figure out what is wrong with the electricity.


In the electrical field safety is paramount. As an electrician you must follow strict safety rules and best practices to keep people from harming or hurting themselves. This means putting on the proper safety gear correctly grounding electrical systems and using tools and equipment correctly. To keep up with the latest safety rules it is essential to get regular safety training. Electricians must also be aware of risks like getting shocked by electricity burning or falling. They need to know how to work with electricity and what to do in an emergency for their safety.


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