Using Custom Printed Shirts and Jackets to Boost Your Business

Do you run a small business?

The best way to make your employees feel and look like a team is through t shirt customization.

If you want great advertising, maybe you should think about getting some custom jackets or shirts to sell.

You can also use a customized jacket to make your employees feel special, or denote titles in your company.

Read on to learn more about how customized clothing can be a major tool for your company.

Using custom shirts to create team spirit or reward employees

Customized clothing like tshirts and jackets can be used to create team spirit or as a reward for employees who do excellent work.

To create team spirit, select logos or graphics that express what you want your team to be like.

You can also create team spirit by creating oneness with a uniform or shirts and jackets that are identical in all ways.

For times when you want to reward employees for things like a promotion or job well done, you can have a shirt or jacket printed that includes their title.

Give these away only to the special employees who deserve them, to entice others to earn the reward as well.

As an example, places like McDonald’s builds team spirit and entices employees to do their best by providing shirts with their logo on it to all employees.

For employees who have gone above and beyond, they give away special jackets or different colored shirts.

This could mean a person who has become a manager gets to wear blue, while all others wear black. 

Or a person is given a yellow shirt to indicate their exemplary customer service skills.

Advertising with custom clothing

Custom printed shirts and jackets can also be a valuable advertising tool that reaches far beyond your brick and mortar location.

This can be accomplished by having your company logo printed on jackets or shirts that you sell or give away to the public. 

You could, for instance, give away a bunch of branded tshirts to your customers when they come to your business.

When they wear your shirts or jackets, other people see it — creating walking billboards.

This can create interest, often resulting in your customer talking about their experience at your business.

Once word of mouth gets out, your chances of having new customers becomes even higher.

Finding the best place to get your custom clothing

When you are in need of a customized jacket or t shirt customization, do your research to find the best place to fill your order.

Ask friends, neighbors, or colleagues where they get their customized apparel.

Search online for places to get uniforms or other custom printed jackets or shirts.

Determine the printing method and type of material you want, and make sure the company has it. 

Inquire about pricing for the amount of shirts or jackets you require.

Be sure to include shipping costs, if required.

Look at pictures of their previously printed apparel to see the quality of work they do.

A great custom printed jacket or shirt can be a valuable tool for your company when you purchase them.

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