Tips for fall leaf clean up

As autumn arrives, we see the falling leaves in our gardens. These pesky leaves clutter your yard or property and also look messy. You may be worried about how to deal with fallen leaves or how to dispose of them. Worry Not! In this guide we will assist you how you can deal with fallen leaves and the use of dumpster rental services in San Diego during fallen leaves clean up.

Pesky leaf clean up during fall harvest season can help you keep your outdoor space neat and tidy. One vital point to keep in your mind is the correct disposal of these leaves, especially using a San Diego dumpster rental makes this process quite easy. 

Are you prepared to deal with the autumn task of cleaning up fallen leaves in your yard? Let’s check our guide to fall leaf clean up with a dumpster rental service, which will give you quick and handy tips to make the autumn leaf clean up a breeze.

Preparing for Fall Leaf Clean-Up

Before diving into the task of leaf collection, it is advisable to acquire necessary tools and equipment. Leaf rakes, leaf blowers, strong bags and gloves are some essentials you will need. In addition, having a work plan will guide you through the restoration process consistently so that nothing is missed.

Regulations and Decisions

When cleaning up fallen leaves, you have only a few options and it all depends on your personal situation and where you live. It is better to comply with your city rules about cleanup, which are usually regulated through vacuuming, mowing, leaf blowing or bagging. This will enable you to select the best option for you. 

Some tips to clean up fallen leaves

Cleaning up the fallen leaves is essential for maintaining your garden beauty. But how do you clean your yard waste? Here are some common tips and methods you can consider during your yard clean up.

Use Dumpster Rental Services

Considering dumpster rental services during yard waste clean up is the wise choice. It will help you to dispose of all types of yard waste in an eco-friendly way, especially fallen leaves. Dumpsters are available in different sizes, you can book your dumpster according to your need. Dumpster rental San Diego ranging from 3 yard dumpster to 40 yard dumpster. I recommend you use a 10 to 15 yard dumpster for your yard waste removal.

Use Bags

If you choose to keep the bags, please make sure to find out what bags are allowed in your area. In some small cities you can only use recyclable bags. Also, check  when your municipality picks up compost bags to ensure you dispose of them correctly. If a municipality in your area is not offering these services you can use dumpster rental services or Junk removal services from dumpster4rental. They will dispose of your yard waste and fallen leaves in an eco-friendly way.

Dispose in Natural Areas

If possible, and allowed, you can blow your leaves into the woods or fields nearby and they will naturally decompose and be recycled back into the soil. However, ensure that while you fly them away on a windy day, you fly them deep into the area to prevent them from flying back into your yard on a windy day. 

Use Vacuuming

Many towns have curb vacuuming services and if you can schedule your cleanup to match the time period when they are running the leaf vacuuming trucks, then this could be your simplest option.Just be sure to..

  • Do not blow the leaves directly towards parked cars to prevent fire hazards.
  • Do not ever block storm sewers or fire hydrants.
  • Keep in mind where and how you are blowing those leaves to enable vacuuming to work more possible.


Composting is a good habit for any yard lover. Rather than just throwing away leaves, consider putting them in your compost as carbon-rich brown matter which will stimulate microorganisms and improve the process. It is more useful to shred your leaves into small pieces before adding them to your compost heap. 

Even if you are not going to recycle your leaves into mulch, you could leave your leaves whole and let them create a ‘leaf mold.’ This will help retain moisture and promote better microbes in your soil that will improve its quality. 

Moreover, you can use a mulching lawn mower to tear the leaves into pieces and let them decompose easily and quickly to replenish the soil with nutrients for the coming spring.

Dumpster rental services and fallen leaf clean up

Dumpster rental services can be advantageous in the case of leaf removal by offering a highly accessible and efficient means to get rid of a huge amount of leaves. Instead of dealing with several trips to the dump or dealing with limited space for garbage in residential cans, renting a dumpster allows you for easy collection and disposal of large amounts of lawn waste like fallen and pesky leaves. This service automates the cleanup process, especially for properties with lots of leaf coverage, through a designated area for leaf disposal, thus they reduce hassle and time for disposing the waste.

How to select the right size dumpster

To choose the right size dumpster for leaf removal, consider the following factors 

  • Project scale
  • Type of the debris or waste
  • Dumpster capacity
  • Rental period

By choosing the right size of the dumpster you can save your money as well as fines and penalties. Ensure you rent a dumpster from dumpster4rental. Because they dispose of your yard waste according to your town waste disposal rules and regulations. 

Wrap Up

After reading this guide, You can dispose of your yard waste or clean the fallen leaves easily. You can choose any method to dispose of or simply rent a dumpster in San Diego. If you want to rent your dumpster in San Diego, No hesitate to get in touch with dumpster4rental who provides the best dumpster in the town. Rent your dumpster now and enjoy a clean and beautiful lawn in the autumn season. Dial now (949) 519 4588 and book your dumpster or bin!

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